That's taking action
on three major issues

Giving for the reanimation,
yes, but to whom and why ?

How to go toward this
new reanimation ?

The 101 ambition in the next three years is unequivocal : 10 million Euros collected for 1 million lives saved. Partners and supports can choose what kind of donation they are willing to make, skill-based sponsorship or research contract, to join us and help us achieving our objectives.

101 : the code to change everything

Healthy and in full command of his physical faculties, the human being walks on his two feet. His natural posture is vertical and he feels strong on his two legs. He stands into the state «1» of the health the one where there is life and energy. The symbol of his activity and his verticality. This number is the one representing a state everybody wants to be into and can dream of.

A disease or an accident can make the human being change his state temporarily. Vulnerable, in danger, he steps into reanimation to the «0» state. This number is the one of the absence, of the suspended time. The fate of the patient is contained into the circle of the emergency, under the surveillance of the medical teams and his family.

Through an expertise very precise where timing is crucial, the caregivers have one and only objective: allowing the patient to go back to the state «1», to a short and long-term. State he has to go to in the best conditions, through the most reassuring experience and without any durable consequences.

101 is a team

Six medical professionals, researcher with an international reputation are at the origin of this fund endowment. Six personalities who share a specific expertise in clinic and fundamental research, organization and care evaluation, education and scientific communication.

Pr. Jean-Daniel CHICHE

PU-PH, Intensive medicine Reanimation. Cochin Hospital (AP-HP) & Paris Descartes University. research Director. Cochin Institute.

Pr Derek ANGUS

PU-PH, critical Care Medicine UPMC ICU Service Center & University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. Director of the CRISMA research group.

Pr Djillali ANNANE

PU-PH, Intensive Medicine Reanimation. Raymond Poincaré Hospital (AP-HP) & Versaille University - Paris Saclay. Dean of the faculty of health sciences at the Versaille University. Paris Saclay.


PU-PH, Intensive Medicine Reanimation. Saint-Louis Hospital (AP-HP) & Paris Diderot University. Director of the FAMIREA group research.

Dr Isabelle BIKART

Medical Director. Havas Health & You.

Pr Andrew RHODES

PU-PH, Anaesthesia & Intensive Care Medicine. St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Londres. Consultant. St George’s Hospital, London.